Practical Meditation

For learning Meditation (Anapana/Breath Meditation) in simple, easy and scientific way

Sit in comfortable position and listen to the instructions below.

Listen in English


Listen in Hindi


Meditation for 10-20 Min in Morning & Evening Regularly is rewarding

Benefits of (Anapana) Meditation

As a result of Anapana mind becomes concentrated, calm and balanced resulting into the following benefits :

  1. Concentration in Studies increases and overall results improve
  2. improvement in memory and creativity
  3. Improvement in understanding and expression
  4. Problem solving capacity increases
  5. Able to take right decisions and avoiding wrong ones
  6. Better perfomance in sports and other activities
  7. Development of self confidence and courage
  8. Reduces stress, anxiety, fear, frustrations, anger, aggression and suicidal tendencies.
  9. It can combact stress easily
  10. It helps in increasing IQ, SQ, EQ, and HQ

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