Meditaton Must
Total Wellbeing is Incomplete
Without Meditation
Free access to the book “Meditaton Must”
by Dr. D. B. Wadhwani
  • Easy to read-aimed to simplify the complex subject of meditation by different authors about different types of Meditations.
  • Highlighted are the scientific studies and results of meditation to motivate you and clarify the Myths related to Meditation.
  • Book can be downloaded, can be Suggested to friends; even you can Practice Meditation and send Feedback
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Cleanses, Nourishes, Energizes


Meditation is as essential as electricity,

automobile, telephone

or internet.

By Dr. D. B. WadhwaniMD(Medicine)

Articles By Dr. Ramesh KapadiaMRCP, FRCP, Cardiologist Dr. Sudhir ShahMD, DM. Neurologist Dr. Anish ChandaranaMD, DM. Cardiologist Dr. Paul FleischmanMD (Psychiatry)USA Dr. Sanjiv ShahMD. Endocrinologist Dr. Rajiv Maru
MD. Pediatrician Dr. Kishor Lakhani
MB,DGO. Gynaec Shri S. N. GoenkaThe Principle Teacher
Vipassana Meditation